-force scale universal mechanical testing systems

Fast Direct Drive Actuator

Near zero out-of-plane motion​

High-resolution sensors​

Psylotech integrates mechanical load frames into imaging systems: beamlines, microCT, nanoCT, XRD, and optical, confocal & scanning electron microscopes. We leverage DIC and DVC to characterize materials across length scales. Learn more about Psylotech’s core technologies.

xTS – X-ray Tomography

  • beamlines
  • microCT
  • nanoCT
The xTS rotates the load train within the frame, benefiting from Psylotech’s low out-of-plane motion technologies. The rotating load train maximizes microCT spatial resolution and reduces nanoCT scan times. The system is lightweight & portable, and making it ideal for shipping to beamlines. Post imaging software corrects runout and wobble, providing sub-micron spatial resolution.

µTS – Optical/Confocal Microscopy

The uTS was purpose built for DIC and microscopy. It is the fountainhead of Psylotech’s technology development. The low out-of-plane motion keeps samples in focus, enabling local strain measurement on small samples.

X-Ray Diffraction

The µTS can be adapted for XRD. Dual actuators keep the sample centered in the bream. Extended strokes and temperature chamber options are available.




The scanning electron microscope µTS is vacuum hardened and implements a ring encoder to shorten the actuator. Despite the SEM’s large depth of field, low out of plane motion is important for DIC to reduce false strain measurements.


Standard grip options include tension, compression, 4 & 3 point bending, and mixed-mode Arcan. Psylotech also offers customization services to meet specific user needs.


Psylotech offers a microscope-compatible -100 to 450C convective temperature chamber. We also integrate 800 and 1600C furnace designs licensed from the University College London. Laser heating options to 2500C are available to early adopters.

Centering Stage

A servo-controlled centering stage keeps the sample’s area of interest under the microscope, even to large deformation. The relative motion is software settable, which is particularly useful when monitoring beam bending samples, where the area of interest is not necessarily half way between the grips. A much lower resolution but more compact stepper centering stage is also available. Alternatively, dual moving cross heads can provide centering.

High Speed/Fatigue

Dual moving cross-heads doubles system speed and acceleration. Increasing the ballscrew lead provides the same advantages, but at the expense of force capacity. For high cycle fatigue, a lubricant reservoir can be incorporated into the actuator.

Extended Stroke

Implementing a ring encoder enables the stroke to be extended as needed. The ball screw simply extends through the end of the frame, like a turtle’s head poking out of its shell.


Northwestern University, Ford Motor Company

Ru Yang, Yang Li, Danielle Zeng, and Ping Guo, Deep DIC: Deep Learning-Based Digital Image Correlation for End-to-End Displacement and Strain Measurement

NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center

Omar Mireles, Ryan Wilkerson, Francisco Medina and Edel Arrieta, Additive Manufacture of Porous ZrC for NTP In-Core Insulators

University of Waterloo, Department of Kinesiology

DR Martel, DY Dapaah, T Willett, AC Laing, Predictors of Femoral Neck Bone Fracture Toughness and Strength Under High-Rate Impact Loading


About Psylotech

Psylotech endeavors to build a world-wide community around multi-scale mechanical testing. Our load frames were designed after the advent of DIC. Our design philosophy is geared to provide experimentalists complete control over their experiments, while concurrently making the default process easy to use. We value quick response time for support and user interactions.

Psylotech was founded in 2006, initially to produce high resolution sensors. With the help and guidance of Prof. Ioannis Chasiotis of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, we won a 2009 Army Research Lab SBIR with WMRD to build a microscope compatible miniature universal load frame for DIC. In 2018, we built the first rotating load train in situ X-ray tomography load frame for Prof. Hongbing Lu, chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Texas, Dallas.



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